About Us

About Us

We only use the best ingredients in our cooking. All our meat is locally sourced and meticulously tested by us before we sell to our customers. All our meats are rubbed in a specific blend of herbs and spices for at least 24 hours before cooking starts. Once the meat is marinated thoroughly we can light the smoker.

Our main piece of equipment is a custom built reverse-flow offset smoker as you can see in the picture below:

Picture of our smoker
Bruce the smoker

We start the process by lighting a fire in the firebox on the right hand side of the smoker. From here the smoke travels all the way to the left of the smoker underneath a heavy steel plate and then the smoke and heat rises into the cooking chamber and travels through it and then up and out the chimney. This method allows for a very controlled cook with temperatures not exceeding 120˚C, which means we conserve the most amount of moistness in the meat which maximises flavour and taste.

To create the smoke we use a mix of regular lumpwood charcoal and select hardwoods or fruitwoods. The most common woods we use are Oak and Apple woods. Because of the size of our smoker we have to refuel the firebox on a regular basis to maintain the temperature roughly every 2-3 hours. We can then further regulate temperatures by air inlets in the firebox and a damper on the chimney.